Maintaining and improving quality

Fuji has the right solutions
for resolving quality issues

"We are wanting to improve quality, but are not seeing any results."
"We have put measures in place, but productivity dropped."
Is your production site facing any such quality-related problems?
Fuji provides solutions for maintaining and improving quality without sacrificing productivity.

Applicable machines: NXTR pick and place machine, and NXTR PM printer

Solder printing process

Have you ever had the experience of running a successful test printing, only for the printing quality to deteriorate during actual production?
Such an event is likely being caused by changes in the characteristics of the solder, the machine configuration, or quality issues in manual work.

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Part placement process

It can be a concern when experiencing worsening pickup rates, error stops at a machine, and drops in equipment performance as these may in turn lead to quality issues, and thus need to be remedied quickly.
It is important to address these types of issues before they occur in order to maintain high quality.

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