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NXTR A model

Fuji is paving the way to the future of Smart Factories with NXTR.

The accompanying Smart Loader frees operators from changeover and supply work, with additional features that strengthen the ability to maintain high-quality and productivity.

Automatic feeder exchange

Because the Smart Loader performs changeover and part supply according to the schedule, the amount of work at the line side can be reduced and efficient production can be achieved.

Modular concept

This machine continues the concept of true modularity from the NXT series.
This true modularity is a unique feature to Fuji and none of our competitors can match it.

High quality placement

Maintaining a high level of quality on all placements

Support for various production types

Building production lines with the flexibility to handle various types of production

Evolving manufacturing

Responding to evolving parts and production models, and advancing total line efficiency

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