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As products become more varied, the shift toward variable-mix variable-volume production is accelerating. Changes to bewildering production schedules and frequent machine changes lead to defective products and missed deadlines, and several other difficult problems are arising such as increasing inventories of materials, parts, and products.
Nexim is a production system that integrates the functions of the production cycle (Plan, Do, See) for reliable planning support and changeover support, flexible data management, and maintaining high operation rates and quality.


System-based production

Creating program data is very easy with Nexim and production schedules can be created automatically. Nexim issues instructions for checking out parts and performing changeover based on these created schedules, as well as instructions for part resupply based on the machine operating conditions.
In Nexim, production processes are connected through the system to control production, making FUJI Smart Factory a reality.

Production equipment automatically follows changes in work

By reading the marks and ID on panels in the production line, instructions to perform changeover are issued to machines from Nexim. The machines can perform changeover automatically right up to the positioning of backup pins, which allows production products to be changed without human intervention.

Predictive maintenance

By communicating not only with Fuji's printers and placement machines, but also with inspection machines and reflow machines from other suppliers, Nexim can manage integrated information for the entire lines. This allows you to analyze information from inspection machines and placement machines to inform when to perform predictive maintenance.

Learn fast, act quickly

It is very important to learn about problems occurring at production lines and react quickly in order to keep quality and productivity high. With Nexim, you can check the production status even when not at the production site by using mobile devices. When thresholds for delays in production and productivity are set in Nexim and if these thresholds are exceeded, this information can be sent to an email address to notify the operator about the issue. Thereby, you are equipped with the information you need quickly.

Manage maintenance by linking the units with the host system

The merits of automating maintenance work are not limited to reducing workloads and having stable quality. Nexim also keeps a record of the operation history and inspection results. These types of data are saved to Nexim automatically. Nexim also monitors the line condition, to notify operators of the necessity of maintenance based on the pickup rate and other trend data. In short, monitoring in Nexim makes it possible to keep equipment in the best condition with the minimum amount of effort.

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