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Auto Head Cleaner-R

Easy and reliable head maintenance. No training required
Automatically cleans and performs a series of maintenance tasks including cleaning the air channels inside the head and inspections. Maintenance quality is more stable and work time can be significantly reduced, compared with manual work. Accurately diagnoses the condition of heads with the enhanced inspection functions.


High-quality cleaning in a shorter maintenance time

With automatic cleaning, you can get stable and good cleaning results every time without variance and mistakes caused by operators.
Maintenance time can be reduced by 47 minutes compared to manual cleaning.*1
Operators are only needed for approximately 5 minutes before and after maintenance.

*1: When compared with the time when cleaning a RH20 head.


Visualizing the head status based on inspections

The internal air pressure and flow rate is measured, and each section of the head is inspected to ensure it operates within the specified range after maintenance.
There is also a mode*2 that only performs inspections, allowing you to check whether maintenance is required in a short time.
The inspection results can be checked numerically for each head serial number.

*2: Inspection mode: It is possible to specify the items to inspect.


Management automation through system coordination

Integrated production system Nexim linked with Auto Head Cleaner-R automatically registers the maintenance history and guides the next maintenance timing.*3
By performing maintenance according to the guidance, production can always be performed with equipment in the best condition and with the minimum work time.

*3: Advanced maintenance in Nexim

Inspection function list

Inspection item Actions
1 Pickup inspection Inspects to ensure the air pressure and flow rate required for stable part pickup.
2 Vacuum break inspection Inspects whether the air pressure and flow rate required for vacuum break when placing parts is maintained within the specified range.
3 Cleaning inspection Inspects whether the air pressure and flow rate of the air channels for blowing used for internal cleaning is maintained within the specified range.
4 Axes moving time inspection Inspects the moving time for each axis to ensure that they move within the specified range.
5 Contact detection check Inspects whether the contact of nozzles can be detected correctly.
6 Mechanical valve operation inspection Inspects whether mechanical valves for controlling the air flow operate correctly.
7 Axis torque inspection Measures the torque generated when operating axes and inspects the axes to ensure they stop at the correct positions.

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