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Auto Feeder Maintenance Unit

Easy maintenance just by setting feeders
The Auto Feeder Maintenance Unit thoroughly cleans the interior of feeders, and then measures and corrects the tape indexing accuracy. The maintenance history and inspection results are automatically registered to the system.

Automatic cleaning and lubrication

The Auto Feeder Maintenance Unit removes dirt that has accumulated inside. It then removes old grease and automatically performs lubrication for gear sections directly related to the indexing accuracy.

Reduces operator work time

Through automation, operator work time can significantly be reduced from 11 to 2 minutes per feeder. In a market that often does not have enough staff, the Auto Feeder Maintenance Unit greatly contributes to labor saving.

Inspection items

· Checks the torque of the indexing and take-up gears
· Checks the index gear backlash
· Inspects the indexing accuracy and writes the offset values
· Checks the operation of the splicing sensor

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