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With the arrival of 5G compatible devices, there is an increased need for high-density boards like those used in high-end smartphones. 5G compatible devices require space for a greater quantity of components, and increased battery capacity. This leads to a requirement for the main board to be even more compact. Interposers are being employed as a new method for achieving high density placement. These interposers are sandwiched between two main boards for a two-tiered board.

Interposers have bumps on both sides of the part, which often results in air leaks when the parts are picked up. Because of this, parts with air leaks need to be conveyed at reduced speed, resulting in a bottleneck at the SMT stage.

Pickup surface on interposer that causes losses in productivity

Because bumps are also on the part pickup surface, there are areas where there is a gap between the nozzle and the part and thus the hold during pickup is unstable.

Four-fold increased retention for high-speed placement of interposers using the H01V head

H01V head

The air route has been changed on the newly developed H01V head. This head enables both stable pickup and high-speed placement of interposers. A large volume of air taken from upstream on the module is connected directly to the head, to achieve four times the part retention power in comparison to the previously often-used H01 head. By using this head together with a dedicated design nozzle, interposers can be placed at high speed.

Video for Interposer placement using H01V

H01V heads can be used for parts other than interposers for handling with greater stability and speed for transporting, contributing to greater productivity for the entire line.

H01V Head Specifications
Applicable machines NXT M6 III, M6 IIIc (Note 1)
Nozzle quantity 1
Supported part size 1608 (0603") to 74 x 74 mm (32 x 162)
Supported part height 25.4mm
Premounted part height 25.4mm
Placement accuracy ±0.03 mm, cpk ≥1.0 (Note 2)
Throughput 4,000 CPH (Note 2)
Supported host system Nexim
Note 1: Air piping that supports H01V heads is required on the machine side.
Note 2: Under conditions at Fuji.

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