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Auto Loading Feeder

Resupplying parts without splicing

Operators on SMT lines perform a wide variety of tasks. Of these, supplying parts to the placement machines is the most demanding, accounting for more than 30% of the total workload. The timing for performing this work often overlaps with that for other tasks and such concentrated workloads can cause supply delays and human errors, resulting in production stops.

Auto Loading Feeders have a next generation method for parts replenishment that solves the problems associated with part resupply and helps improve OEE.

Features and benefits of Auto Loading Feeders

Easy for anyone to set parts

Setting new parts

The work for setting and supplying parts has been greatly simplified.
All the operator has to do is insert the carrier tape tip into the feeder after processing the tape tip and push a button on the feeder. *1
The feeder automatically loads the carrier tape and even locates the first pickup position.

*1: Using dedicated jig scissors to cut the tape end is recommended.

Setting replenishment parts

This feeder resupplies parts without performing splicing.
Simply insert the tip of the carrier tape from the replenishment reel into the feeder and set the reel in the holder to complete resupplying. *1
When parts in the carrier tape currently being used run out, that carrier tape is ejected. The parts in the replenishment carrier tape are loaded to the pickup position and production is continued.
Unlike when using splicing, carrier tapes do not need to be connected to each other, so there is no need to worry about machine stoppages caused by poor connections such as pitch deviations or gaps between tapes.

*1: Using dedicated jig scissors to cut the tape end is recommended.

*2: Investigated at Fuji

Parts can be supplied at any time

Since parts are replenished without splicing, replenishment part reels can be set at any time without worrying about the part usage status.
By distributing the part replenishment timing and balancing the workload, it is possible to prevent machines stops caused by supply delays.

Improved productivity

Productivity is improved because error stops caused by splicing mistakes are eliminated and short stops caused from feeder exchange are reduced.

User feedback on Auto Loading Feeders *3

· We use Auto Loading Feeders to supply parts that are used in high quantities
· We can avoid parts out rushes
· The workload on operators has been reduced

→ We were able to improve productivity by 5%.

*3: Results differ depending on the production conditions.

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