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Safety and reliability are extremely important for automotive products. In addition, there are a wide variety of models even for the same automobile type.

Fuji is working together with the industry for making the automobiles of the future with the following concepts.
· Quality and reliability ensuring smooth operation of cars
· Support for high-mix production for different models and grades of cars
· Evolving equipment to support evolving technolog

50 gf placement impact force

Fuji machines can detect the panel and part heights and then place at the optimum placing height.
n addition, even with a placing speed of 100%, parts can be placed with a force of around 50 gf (approx. 50 gf when placing 0402 (01005") parts), which is among the best in the world. The presence of parts, the part's stance, and parts remaining on the nozzle after placement immediately before and after pickup and placement all can be detected for reliable placement.

Eliminates defects and catches causes of defects

Fuji machines make quality products in the production stage so defective products are not passed to later stages.
The part misplacement prevention system, the lead and bump defect detection system, and the part electrical check system ensure that defective parts are not placed.


Understanding production conditions quickly and accurately is important for reliable production.
Fuji has advanced visualization of production information so that anyone can check the required information when needed.
Furthermore, we have built know-how for handling errors and managing the history of them. This knowledge can be shared to improve production.


By linking the IDs used to manage the equipment that is thoroughly modularized and unitized to the placement data managed by individual references, it is possible to acquire detailed traceability data. This traceability data can be used to identify the related parts, machines, and units used for a particular panel ID or to identify the panels on which a particular part ID was placed.

Minimizes changeover work

To deal with frequent changeovers necessary for the production in this field, Fuji provides a system in which the panel ID or barcode for the product is read and the program is automatically changed to the correct program. It is also possible to reduce the number of changeovers by using production schedule optimization.

Supports large odd-form parts

The parts to be mounted change as technology advances.
We provide a wide variety of nozzles and chucks capable of handling LEDs and connectors in different sizes and shapes. These support placement from the functional aspect as well.

Evolving machines

Fuji's NXT series and AIMEX series are evolving machines and that is part of their base concept.
We offer many units such as heads that can be changed by users. This makes it possible to easily support new technology while keeping costs down by just changing and adding units as necessary.

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