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Learn fast, act quickly – Factory improvement solutions

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  • Want to improve productivity.
  • Are taking steps toward improving productivity, but are not seeing the desired results.
  • Want to reduce the quantity of rejected chip parts

Improving productivity is one goal that manufacturing companies will never stop striving towards.
It is safe to assume that various improvements are being attempted on a daily basis to maximize output within limited production time.
In recent years, digital transformation solutions have been introduced to many production sites and monitoring tools that visualize the status and progress of production lines have also been introduced. So why is it that so many customers still seem to find issues in productivity?
This comes down to the reality of operating conditions such as having a wide variety of works-in-progress at the line side and overlooking of critical situations that are difficult to pick up on using monitoring tools.
In this webinar, we will introduce factory improvement solutions based on operation related to production together with actual examples.

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