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Supporting automatic supply of parts from a cut length of tape

When producing test panels or running production for very small lots, production sometimes uses parts packaged in tape that is cut in a shorter length ("shorter tape") for providing only the necessary amount of parts. This type of tape supply cannot be automated using usual tape feeders designed for mass production, so extra work such as repacking parts is required at the production floor.

In response to supporting such production, Fuji has developed part supply solutions using feeders and tray feeders for automating part supply using shorter tape.


1. Possible to supply every part within a short length of tape.

2. A dedicated supply unit is not necessary.
 (1) Feeder type (supply for a single part type)
  · Involves using Fuji intelligent feeders for standard tape part supply with a special type of tape guide.
  · Requires no modifications on the machine.

 (2) Tray feeder type (supply for multiple part types)
  · Supplies strips of tape on the tray in combination with different part types.

A feeder supplying parts from shorter tape
A tray feeder supplying parts from short strips of tape

Basic specifications

Feeder type
Supported tape Widh 12 to 88 mm
Length 100 mm or longer
Supported machines NXT II(c), NXT III(c), AIMEX II(S), AIMEX III(c)
Applicable feeders W12c, W12f, W16c, W16f, W24c, W32c, W44c, W56c, W72, W88
Note: Use Fuji intelligent feeders for standard tape part supply.
Note: It is necessary to exchange the tape guide and upgrade firmware.
Tray feeder type
Adapter for tray feeder-M Adapter for tray feeder-L
Supported tape Width 8 to 88 mm
Length 50 to 160 mm 50 to 300 mm
Supported machines NXT II(c)、NXT III(c)、AIMEX II(S)、AIMEX III(c)
Supported head H01、H02(F)、H04S(F)、G04(F)、H08M、DX(S1、R4)
Loadable tape quantity Up to 8 strips Up to 10 strips
Note: Attach tape holders for fixing strips of tape on a standard tray feeder M or L.
Note: When attaching tray feeders to the machine, it is necessary to exchange the waste tape duct.

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