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17% increase in performance

Compared to the previous M3 III model, the throughput shows an increase of 17%.
This model produced a 7% increase even when compared with the high-speed module (M3 IIIS).
Fuji's technologies toward a higher rigidity for the machine body and a lighter weight sliding structure sustain a higher productivity without adverse effects on the placement accuracy.

This M3 IIISE module is highly effective for production where small chips are placed on panels at high speed and density, such as when producing the following products.

• Smartphone boards
• Wearable device boards
• Module boards
• LED displays

* Fuji simulation results

Configurable with existing modules

It is possible to mix and match M3 III, M3 IIIS, and M3 IIISE model modules on the same base.
If your lines are using NXT III machines, there would be less investment required for boosting the productivity.

Sample line with a mixture of models

*When using M3 IIISE modules, the machine application and host system versions need to be upgraded.
*The placement accuracy specifications change depending on the module combinations.

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