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This high end model machine supports the latest functions that support various production types flexibly on an advanced platform.

This machine is strong in flexible production such as NPI support for starting new production quickly and immediate support for production type change with batch changeover.
It inherits versatility which is a feature of the AIMEX series and features high productivity including high quality and mass production with new sensing functions.


Further expanded capability

Even though the machine size is compact, it is also flexible and a wide range of production operation is possible with the machine's extensive capacity.


High quality placement

Always maintain correct placement by checking the conditions of electronic parts and panels using real time sensing technology and then reflecting check results to the machine. This maintains stable placement quality.


The fastest in the history of the series

Achieves the fastest placement speed in the history of the series by using advanced XY robots with linear motors. Even greater improvements in area productivity can be expected.


Stable operation

Support for production that enables non-stop operation and quick recovery. This can help minimize line stoppage, improving operation rates.



The machine power consumption has been reduced by 10%* by using highly efficient motors.
We are also reviewing our coating processes and efforts are being made to reduce the environmental impact.
* Measured under conditions at Fuji.

Sample machine configurations

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