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FUJI EUROPE Showroom (Germany)

FUJI EUROPE CORPORATION GmbH, based in Kelsterbach, has been active in the European market since 1991 as a direct subsidiary of FUJI CORPORATION headquartered in Japan. Started in 1959 as a machine tool manufacturer, FUJI CORPORATION has many years of experience in mechanical engineering and in the field of electronic placement machines and robotic solutions. The company is a leading international supplier of SMT machines.

FUJI EUROPE CORPORATION covers all areas of modern production in Greater Europe; from highly flexible placement systems in the high-mix area to complete placement lines in the high-volume area. The innovative placement systems from the NXT and AIMEX series are the foundations of SMT production. As the European headquarters, the company is responsible for market development in Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Russia and the Middle East. FUJI EUROPE CORPORATION has around 90 employees and supports well-known companies in the electronics industry in the following sectors: sales, service, spare parts warehouse, customer process support and logistics/order processing.

Initiatives in the showroom


In our ultra-modern demonstration center we have an "intelligent factory", containing all the important equipment that we are currently selling. In this environment you can use your existing system or other systems under consideration with the latest equipment from Fuji. Demonstrations with cycle time studies can be compared with your boards, and your actual parts can be used for these demonstrations, provided they were delivered in advance.

The Demo Center is a hands-on research, development, and testing area where potential and current customers from all over the world can access our devices and technologies. Our state-of-the-art center offers a fully functional SMT line, including SPI, AOI, and labor-saving solutions, and the latest machine models from Fuji.

In this environment, users can use their existing system or other considered systems with the full range of SMT devices, automation tools and the Nexim Smart Factory software from Fuji.

Fuji measures rates and capabilities to ensure that end user requirements are met. Demonstrations can be made with Fuji' s panels and parts or with those of customers. Demonstrations can also be used for cycle time studies for our customers that are considering upgrading.

Service / Support

Our customer process support is a team of highly qualified employees who are exclusively dedicated to the concerns and wishes of our customers. This team has a high level of process know-how and it is impossible to imagine Fuji without it - which is also proven by the consistently positive feedback from our customers.

The team, consisting of 4 process technicians, supports in the areas of
• Analysis and development of production processes
• Implementation of product and investment tests
• Work on production machines/plants (placement machines and printers)
• Planning, calculation and implementation of technical projects at/for the customer
• Cooperation with machine suppliers
• Interfaces (sales, service)

Whether you are looking for hands-on testing, evaluation, custom debugging, or NPI consulting, our team looks forward to bringing the latest Fuji technologies to your facility. Please contact our sales department. We are looking forward to assisting you with your new and existing factory requirements.


In our state-of-the-art training center in Kelsterbach (Germany) and Budapest (Hungary), we offer comprehensive training courses on machines and software. Our team of trainers consists of experienced professionals. They bring their own machine and application knowledge as well as practical experience to the classroom to teach you correct and efficient use of Fuji products.

We offer tailor-made training according to the requirements of the market. Our training program is based on practical requirements and solutions for daily production.

The topics are presented by competent experts.

Introduction of exhibited models

Smart Factory FUJI Smart Factory
Printers GPX-C
Inserters sFAB-D, sFAB-a (alpha)
Software Nexim
Automatic maintenance units Auto Head Cleaner, Auto Feeder Maintenance Unit, Smart Nozzle Cleaner
Note: Exhibited models are subject to change.
Address and contact information
Address Fujiallee 4, 65451, Kelsterbach, Germany
TEL 0049 (0)6107 / 6842 - 000
FAX 0049 (0)6107 / 6842 - 200
Contact Mr. Klaus Gross
Mr. Klaus Kolbel
E-mail fec_info@fuji-euro.de
inhouse@fuji-euro.de (Customer Process Support)
training@fuji-euro.de (Training)
URL http://www.fuji-euro.de/