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FUJI AMERICA CORPORATION was founded in 1970 as a sales and service subsidiary of FUJI CORPORATION and is now based in Vernon Hills, Illinois (just outside of Chicago). FUJI AMERICA CORPORATION serves the North American market including the United States, Mexico, and Canada supplying flexible placement systems for (any size) high-mix and high-volume markets.

Initiatives in the showroom


Our Technology Center is equipped with Fuji’s latest products, and offers demonstrations of all aspects of the Fuji Smart Factory integrations to SPI, AOI and reflow ovens. This state-of-the-art center is not only for machine and system demonstrations, but also completely available to our customers for activities such as cycle time studies, process testing, and prototype runs.

If unable to visit in-person, virtual demonstrations are always available. Our highly trained staff can easily provide a close-up look at our machines, processes, and software to anywhere in the world.

Service / Support

Our Customer Applications Team of engineers are dedicated solely to supporting our customers in many ways. This includes:
• Cycle time analysis of new or current products
• On-site assessments, identifying methods to improve processes and SMT operations
• Supporting preparation for NPI, minimizing start-up risks
• Coordination of integration to ERP, MES, 3rd party software, as well as that of other machine vendors within the factory
• Creating custom nozzles for your unique component placing needs

Our customer support center operates 24x7 and is offered at no cost to our customers. Our extensive support network across the US, Mexico, and Canada regions ensures quick resolutions to customers’ needs.
Support services available include:
• Remote software troubleshooting
• Support via phone, e-mail, or chat
• Online access to knowledge base and upgrade reports
• Quick dispatch of machine replacement parts
• Project management to assist with all new projects


Within our state-of-the-art Training Centers in Vernon Hills/IL, Guadalajara/MX and Monterey/MX we offer comprehensive hands-on machine and software training. Our instructors are able to apply their knowledge to real-life applications in the field. We also offer on-site training or e-Learning depending on our customers’ needs.

Introduction of exhibited models

Smart Factory FUJI Smart Factory
Mounters NXTR (S model), NXT III, AIMEX III, NXT-H
Printers GPX-C
Inserters sFAB-D, sFAB-a (alpha)
Software Nexim
Automatic maintenance units Auto Head Cleaner, Auto Feeder Maintenance Unit, Smart Nozzle Cleaner
Automation units Auto Splicing Unit, Smart Setup Station, VPDplus camera stand, SmartWing
Note: Exhibited models are subject to change.
Address and contact information
Company Fuji America Corporation
Address 171 Corporate Woods Parkway, Vernon Hills, IL US 60061
TEL 847-913-0162
FAX 847-913-8486
Contact Mr. Tony Picciola
E-mail info@fujiamerica.com
URL https://www.fujiamerica.com/