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Do you face any of these challenges?
· Long blocks of time cannot be allocated to face-to-face training.
· Travel and accommodation costs for face-to-face training are too high.

Fuji provides an E-Learning service at a reasonable cost so that customers can make the most of their Fuji equipment. You can take the courses from your PC, smartphone, or tablet, regardless of time or location.

Here are some advantages of the E-Learning service.

· Study anytime, anywhere.
· Videos are easier to understand than manuals.
· Courses can be reviewed as often as required.
· Learning is self-paced and time efficient.
· Knowledge checks confirm and reinforce knowledge.

E-Learning Contents


A selection of the operation courses available. These courses consist of multiple videos.
· NXTR Operation
· NXT III Operation
· AIMEX III Operation
· GPX-C Operation
· Auto Head Cleaner Operation
· Smart Nozzle Cleaner Operation
· Auto Feeder Maintenance Unit Operation


A selection of the maintenance courses available. These courses consist of multiple videos.
· NXTR Preventive Maintenance
· NXT III Preventive Maintenance
· AIMEX III Preventive Maintenance
· sFAB-D Preventive Maintenance
· GPX-C Preventive Maintenance
· FUJI Intelligent Feeder Maintenance
· H24 Head Preventive Maintenance
· NXTR RH02 Head Preventive Maintenance
· NXTR RH08 Head Preventive maintenance
· NXTR RH20 Head Preventive Maintenance


A selection of the Nexim courses available. These courses consist of multiple videos.
· Nexim 1 – Overview and basics
· Nexim 2 – Job creation and editing
· Nexim 3 – Other functions
· Vision processing data basics

Useful Tips

Useful tips and functions are introduced in short videos. Each course can be completed in a few minutes.
· Part pickup recovery settings
· 3D Coplanarity Check Unit
· Energy Saving Mode
· Removing and attaching a head on NXT III
· Automatic DID registration
· Panel height detection function
· Buffer conveyance function

In addition to the above, there are many other courses available. Click the button below to view the full course list.
Note: A Fuji Community account is required to access the list. If you do not have an account and would like to register, please contact your Fuji sales representative. Please note that registration is limited to Fuji customers.

List of courses

E-Learning introduction video