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CV = Customer value

The customer value (CV) service is available to perform diagnosis on customer lines to find points at which improvements can be made.

Ways to improve issues are proposed, to resolve the problems faced by production sites.

What can be achieved through the CV service

1. Improve efficiency at SMT lines

By performing diagnosis at SMT lines, we can create improvement proposals for items that cause drops in operation rates.
- Part rejection rate: Settings and techniques for achieving stable part transport
- Wait stages: Investigations into stops at the line and improvement proposals
- Part supply: Process improvements from checking out parts to supply work
- Maintenance: Automation tools and management functions for when to perform maintenance

2. Provide program creation support that leads to improvements in productivity

We can support the creation of production programs.
We provide training for optimization procedures, and specifying function settings that are effective for improving production.
We can also provide training for creating part data and vision processing data.

3. Reduce changeover work

We analyze current changeover procedures, and identify potential for saving time and resources within those procedures.
We are able to make proposals such as grouping production programs, to reduce the frequency of changeover and the overall work involved.

4. Propose new line configurations

We have a new line configuration service available for when needing to change the line configuration or when planning an increase in equipment.
In this service, we make proposals for operation that matches customer requirements such as production volumes and the number of lines required.

Getting started with the CV service

The CV service has been added to Fuji's existing lineup of services.
Through our CV service we are able to show how to effectively use Fuji products and services to maximize the QCD of production.

Example 1: We can propose a training curriculum that suits the customer in which they can learn how to use new functions and effective systems.
Example 2: In our placement technology demonstration service, we evaluate placement of specialist parts and new placement processes at our testing facilities.

When to use the CV service

When wanting to improve after starting production
-> We support stabilization during the initial production period, as well as responding to new requests for improving production quantities and reducing workloads.

When considering changes in configurations
-> We create configuration proposals for changes that result from line expansion or relocation.

CV service types

There are two types of CV services available, the remote data diagnosis service and the on-site service.

  1. Remote data diagnosis service
  • All we need for this service is the production data for the SMT lines.
  • We look into the production conditions at the customer site using an online questionnaire.
  • We create improvement proposals based on the results of data analysis.
2. On-site service
  • The items described in "1" are completed before the visit to the production site.
  • Once those items are completed, Fuji engineers visit the customer's factory to directly diagnose the SMT lines.
  • We also create improvement proposals for changeover and maintenance.
Improvement proposals for production lines
Improvement proposals for changeover and maintenance

Example of CV service implementation

This service has proven results at over 300 sites worldwide.

Case 1: Improvements in a mass production line lead to a 10% increase in output

Issues addressed

- The cycle times for equipment in the line are poor
- There are delays in part supply
- There are wait times in many processes

Improvement proposal

- Creation of optimal production programs by using repeated optimization
- Operation using productivity priority mode with H24S heads
- Efficient part supply using the parts out warning function
- Improvements to splicing work (dedicated jig, rule development)

Improvement result

Better productivity achieved

Case 2: Improvements in a high-mix low-volume line lead to a changeover time reduction of 62.5%

Issues addressed

- Changeover is frequent
- Preparation for changeover is not done on time
- Changeover takes an exceedingly long time

Improvement proposal

- Sort production programs into groups to reduce changeover frequency (using Multi Job Line Balancer)
- Changeover is prepared in advance using offline changeover guidance
- Introduction of batch changeover using a PCU or MFU
- Introduction of seamless changeover for the entire line

Improvement result

The average changeover time is reduced

If you would like to know more about the CV service, contact us using the link below.
We will provide service information based on your requirements.

  • STEP.01
    Using the form linked below, submit the details for what you would like to achieve through our CV service.
    (Examples: Raise productivity, improve quality)
  • STEP.02
    Your sales representative will get back to you with a response.
  • STEP.03
    You will be invited to attend a web meeting with your sales representative and a CV engineer.
    (This meeting will cover an explanation of the service and costs)
  • STEP.04
    Your sales representative will provide you with a quote.
  • STEP.05
    Service is begun
    Fuji provides the CV service.