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Picking work is made more efficient through part location management. Because the part shelf life can also be managed, parts that may have deteriorated are not used by mistake.
Setup work can be performed without error by employing a system that provides guidance for loading positions in the offline changeover area.

1. Part management and picking

1.1 Managing part location

Checking parts in and out for part shelving and dry ovens can be managed by each DID (individual IDs attached to each reel and tray).
Because the places at which parts are stored are managed, these locations are made clear and picking can be performed using the shortest route.

1.2 Dry components

Dry component management involves managing the usage period of electronic parts.
Electronic parts are extremely delicate. Part packages are particularly susceptible to damage once heated if they have absorbed moisture from the air.
Managing the exposure of parts to moisture is important in order to preserve quality.

2. Offline changeover

2.1 Smart Setup Station

Registering parts to feeders as a set combination, and then setting those feeders on a supply pallet are performed as one series of operations.
The feeder load position is determined from the individual ID attached to each reel (DID), and guidance is given for that load position.
Because there is confirmation given at the offline changeover area that the load position is correct, feeder setting work is guaranteed to be correct without any guess work.

2.2 Smart Nozzle Cleaner

Smart Nozzle Cleaner is a unit that is used to clean and inspect nozzles, and with its large-capacity nozzle storage it can also be used as a nozzle stocker.
Nozzles are automatically arranged in a nozzle station for use in production based on the nozzle setup information in the program.

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