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To maintain quality production, it is necessary to keep the feeders, nozzles, and heads that are used in production and thus directly affect the outcome, in top condition.
This requires a method for automating maintenance work so that it can be performed at the same level by all operators. For this, our automated maintenance units that manage unit condition based on set values are highly effective. This is an important step in realizing a smart factory.

1. Automating maintenance work

1.1 Automatic maintenance units

Heads and nozzle stations can be exchanged on Fuji machines without using any tools.
Exchanging with a spare unit makes it possible to perform offline maintenance of these units while continuing to produce at the machine.

2. Management automation

2.1 Advanced maintenance

Data such as the pickup rates and usage time for the feeders, nozzles, and heads being used in production are collected. Once a unit has reached a predetermined threshold for use or drop in pickup rate, it is flagged for maintenance.
Follow the guidance provided for maintenance work to keep your equipment in top condition for production with little effort.

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