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Traceability data can be acquired from multiple conditions when errors occur. The cause and extent of the error's impact can be determined quickly through provision of data that includes information from external units such as the inspection image from SPI and AOI machines.
Production results that include the operation status are provided in an easy to read report.

1. Analyzing defects

Data regarding production of the affected panel is provided immediately when a defect is detected.
Because the cause of the defect can be determined quickly and a remedy can soon be implemented, defective products are prevented from continuing downstream, keeping losses to a minimum.

2. Traceability

Traceability information is acquired with part, feeder, and panel barcodes being used as keys.
This makes it easier to identify parts and units used in the production of defective panels, and extract information for panels that have been affected by defects.

3. Production reports

Production results for a set period of time can be collated and then output into easy to read reports.
There are various types of production data such as the operation statuses and error information that can be used to identify areas that can be improved.

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