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sTower II

Efficient picking has become an issue as the variety of part types to be used for production increases. Recently, there is a growing need for automatic part warehouses that can quickly and accurately check out the parts required for production. sTower ll can manage parts in various supply packaging and even parts in groups. Linking multiple towers is also possible depending on your intended purpose and installation space. This unit has the versatility to become your ideal automatic part storage system.


Reduces part picking work and eliminates work mistakes

1/3 or less time taken for picking work
Unlike conventional shelf management, physically searching for parts is no longer required, leading to a significant reduction in part picking work.

Eliminate picking mistakes
Only the specified reel parts are checked out, thus picking mistakes do not occur.

No need to read barcodes
Part IDs are automatically read when parts are placed into the terminal, eliminating manual work for reading barcodes.

Flexible part storage capability

Flexible storage units
Store multiple reels together to increase the storage count by using smart carriers *1.
Manage by grouping parts together using smart carriers, manage by individual reels, or manage using any combination of these methods for storage.

*1: Smart carriers can be used to store JEDEC trays, dry packs, thin and fragile tape reels, and even loose parts, as well as reel parts.

High storage capability
Maximum storage capacity: 940 reels (when using smart carriers: 2,300 reels)
Reel diameter: 7 to 15 inches
Reel width: Up to 72 mm
Maximum weight: 5 kg

Smart management

Check out the required parts in a timely manner
By linking to the integrated production system, Nexim, it is possible to automatically check out parts based on production schedules and parts out warnings.
Checking out parts in a timely manner can reduce the amount of downtime due to waiting for parts.
PDA terminals can be also used for checking out.

Accurate management of remaining inventory
The remaining quantity of parts to be collected and checked back in is acquired from the production line and is managed by the system.
Linking to the reel counter enables accurate management of remaining part quantities.

First-in first-out management
Older parts are given priority when checked out, which prevents prolonged storage of parts.
It is also possible to give priority to checking out reels with the smallest quantity of remaining parts.

Humidity control *2
The dry component function is equipped and parts sensitive to humidity can be managed appropriately.
Increases in the humidity during checking in/out are kept to a minimum by the double-door configuration.
When sTower II is linked to the integrated production system, Nexim, the floor life of parts can be managed.

*2: Option item

Linking multiple units
Multiple towers can be linked to be used as one unit, allowing for easy system inventory management without needing to worry about which tower the parts are stored in.

System coordination
Provides accurate part information to user systems

Usage plan examples

Line level parts storage

· Manages individual assets for each line
· Minimizes supply routes from part warehouse to SMT lines
· Checks out parts before they run out (interrupted check out possible)

Floor level parts storage

· Minimizes parts inventory though management unified by grouping multiple towers as a single unit
· Flexible support for different production styles

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